Benefits Of VOIP Conferences

A general global economic slow-down is requiring businesses to achieve “more with less”. The need to continue learning, adding value and improving your skills and those of your staff while reducing costs is becoming even more critical. To address these challenges, many professionals are adding webinars to their list of training options as a low cost option for educating themselves and their staff. The savings can be huge when utilizing VOIP Conferences services.

This is a list of six of the most commonly cited benefits associated with learning and training using VOIP Conferences as expressed by many of our users.

#1 Maintain BRAND Awareness – With VOIP Conferences we let you brand the webinar room so you always maintain your brand. You can add your company’s logo and change the room and button colors to match that of your website. You can even showcase a product or service with the 290 x 290 advert container. As well, the visitor login page is fully HTML compatible giving you even more flexibility to create a login page similar, or exact, as your own website. And oh, you maintain your brand at NO additional cost. Your brand is important to you, and it’s important to us.

#2 Convenience – There is no need to leave the office or factor in travel time. A webinar can be conducted on-the-fly with simply a computer and Internet connection. Because of this, many professionals are using VOIP Conferences as a time-efficient, cost-effective method of training and delivering knowledge to their staff.

#3 Affordability –  Savings can be HUGE when there are no travel costs involved with attending a Webinar. The price of attending a webinar is typically much lower than other training options and is often FREE for attendees. An entire team can attend together and discuss the webinar contents without having to invest time and money traveling to and from a physical seminar location. Because of all this, pricing per person for training by webinar tends to be much lower than many other alternatives.

#4 Efficiency – Most webinars typically last around 30-90 minutes in length and are usually scheduled to fit the work day of busy professionals. Because of their short length, webinars typically pack a lot of information into a very short period of time.

#5 Long Term Value – VOIP Conference  has built-in recording options allowing you to record full or partial screen. You can save the file to your local computer, upload it to YouTube (with our built-in YouTube function) or do both. Because of this, participants can review the presentation multiple times, helping them revisit the materials for reference and apply the contents as needed.

#6 Ease of Use – Registering for and attending Webinars is usually an easy process achieved over the Internet with a standard computer browser and requires no more skill than using the average email program. VOIP Conferences  is designed for ease-of-use and require no downloading of software.

In conclusion, whatever your requirements may be, VOIP Conferences presents a very affordable and highly effective way of delivering training.